Dr Tanja Žigon studied History and German language and literature. She is Professor at the Department of Translation of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). She has a Master’s degree in modern German Literature (2003) and a PhD in literary studies (2008). She teaches translation courses at the BA and MA programmes in translation, as well as at PhD level. She is Head of the German Language and Literature Chair at the Department of Translation, University of Ljubljana. She has broadened her knowledge ad several universities in Germany (Munich, Mannheim), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg) and Italy (Udine).

She is the lead researcher of the Slovenian national research programme Intercultural Literary Studies and was the project coordinator for Slovenia for the EU Project TransStar: raising transcultural, digital and multitranslational competences (2013–2015). Her research is mainly focused on translation between peripheral/minor languages, literary translation and Slovenian-German intercultural relations.

She is also an active translator of mainly scientific texts and text for the humanities from German into Slovenian and vice versa.

She likes to spend her free time with her cats, she likes to take long walks with her dog, and she is also interested in local history, which she tries to preserve for future generations in her publications.